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Bubble Tea Tapioca Pearls

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These pearls are the star of any Bubble-Tea creation. Made of the brown-coloured root of the manioc plant, the mild and slightly sweet tapioca pearls mainly consist of starch. After only 5 minutes in boiling water, our pearls develop into black bubbles. Combine them with teas of your choice and other fun ingredients to make individual and creative Bubble-Tea beverages, such as Bubble Mango Punch, Frozen Bubble Berry or Caramel Bubble Latte.

Black Tapioca Pearls
Instant starch pearls made of manioc

Ingredients: Tapioca starch 42 %, water, cornstarch, colour sulphite ammonia caramel (E150d), thickener guar gum (E412), preservative sodium diacetate (E262ii), flavouring. Contains sulphite.

Preparation instructions:
Bring 1.5 cup tapioca pearls (per mug) to boil in a large pot. Slowly add the tapioca pearls to the water. Stir gently. Wait until the tapioca pearls are floating at the surface of the water. Cover the pot. Boil for 2-3 min. at medium heat. (The longer the pearls boil, the softer they become). Turn off the heat and steep for another 2-3 min. Remove the tapioca pearls and leave them in cold water for 20 seconds. Place the tapioca pearls in a dry bowl and add sugar or honey. Consume within 4 hours after cooking.
Storage instruction:
Keep away from direct sunlight and store in a cool dry place. After opening keep refrigerated and use as soon as possible.


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