About Us

“I feel my heart become so sympathetic, That I must have recourse to black Bohea:” Byron


Black Bohea” is an old name for tea from a mountain region in Fujian Province called Bohea (known as WuYi in Mandarin) in the south east of China. For centuries, the finest leaf teas have been produced in the WuYi area. Due to the climate and high attitude in the WuYi Mountains, teas produced in this area are famous for their distinctive flavours and superior quality. The people from Fujian province are renowned as the most knowledgeable and sophisticated tea drinkers in China.

Lily Chen is originally from the Fujian province where she was reared on quality leaf tea. Over the years she has developed a strong passion for quality tea served in the most natural way. Lily is now settled in Termonfeckin, Co. Louth with Dominick and their two children.

Thanks to the accessibility to the best tea farms in China, Lily only selects the finest tea leaves for her customers. We encourage the use of whole leaves from which you can enjoy each different unique taste and keep the whole nutritional benefit. Also by drinking leaf tea, you help to promote a healthier, more natural and eco-friendly life experience.

Lily’s tea  also provides a wide range of tea accessories, which enable you to savour the best quality tea leaves in an easy and convenient way.


Our Tea is 100% plastic Free. The news that 96% of Irish Teabags contain plastic has caused huge concern among the Irish tea lovers. However rest assured our pyramids and string are made from corn starch, a natural material extracted from corn, and everything is heat-sealed so no glue is used at all. They are bio-degradable, which means they need to go into your food waste collection, and will degrade in 12 weeks.

Over the last two years we have taken over 80% of plastic, and 20% of the cardboard out of our packaging, and we’re working towards 100% plastic free as the technology improves.



“A healthier generation on a greener planet” sounds too big for such a small business like Lily’s Tea. Yet it is where our conscience lies. In Lily’s Tea, we believe thousands of streams gather into an ocean; many a leaf fills up a forest. We strongly believe in the spirit of Eco-friendly and Fair-trade products and thus select our suppliers strictly in accordance with these principles.

By personally visiting tea farms, working with the farmers, carefully selecting each tea, Lily endeavours to ensure each leaf served in your cup:
1.    is the best quality available. Quality is always an uncompromising determinant in Lily’s Tea;
2.    is grown in a harmonious environment. We ensure all the teas are grown and processed while minimising damage to the environment;
3.    is handled by skilful and well-rewarded farmers and workers. We can confirm that all the farmers and workers involved in producing our teas are fairly treated and are provided with an opportunity for sustainable growth.  Since 2004, Lily has supported a Back to School Programme, helping children in poverty areas in Fujian Province to return to school.  Lily’s Tea will continue its support in this programme and donate 1% of our sales to help all the children fulfil their dream in the rural areas.

Above all, we are dedicated to presenting you the world of leaf tea in the way that is
–    Most sophisticated yet natural
–    Most traditional yet innovative.

In Lily’s Tea, each leaf is a happy leaf!